Optimal Niche - Advancing Sustainability WorldwideConsultation, Facilitation, Education, Training, Sustainable Design Engineering
Optimal Niche provides comprehensive services and broad expertise in sustainability-based strategic action planning, sustainability assessment, community engagement, training, and sustainability design engineering.

Sustainability is the sum of characteristics that endow very long-term staying power to cultures, organizations, societies, products, species, programs, and ecosystems. Each person, idea, and organization has an important part to play, a niche in the scheme of things, a place in which we fit, we contribute, and we thrive. The principles and tools of sustainability can be applied at all scales of our existence: personal, community, organizational, regional, national, and global.

Optimal Niche advances sustainability in the public sector – communities, cities, counties, states, institutions, and the private sector – businesses, investors, and foundation working with all types of organizations. Sustainability design engineering services are provided in both sectors.

Worldwide sustainablilty consulting Potential outcomes:

  • Measurable sustainability goals and objectives
  • Long-term sustainability business practices
  • Enhanced Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”)
  • Enhanced marketing, revenue, and profits
  • Increased community engagement
  • A cadre of trained sustainability leaders and practitioners
  • Comprehensive and effective approaches to climate change
  • Effective long-term plans for positive social change

Optimal Niche helps your organization or business achieve positive outcomes

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